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Here you can read all about life through the sparkling eyes of the Bug. A life filled with horrific dates, wild family, kooky friends, incredible travel adventures and mundane daily encounters. I love exploring new destinations, popcorn, Amaretto sours, Carnations, intelligent, handsome and witty men; and writing.

Let me take you for a raw, candid ride on the merry-go-round which is my life. Indulge your voyeurism, my little Love Bugs; I promise you will leave with a smile on your face…

5 Secrets of a Swingers Party

A few weeks ago I found myself in a completely unique setting. A Swingers Party. I was invited by a girlfriend of mine and her boyfriend… and even though I had always been curious of the shenanigans that occurred behind these kind of closed doors, I had told everyone (including myself) that I was just […]

5 ways I’ve learnt to open my heart

So, it seems it’s been raining men for me recently…my favourite kind of weather…but when I considered that I’ve not been on the dating apps for several months now, I had to stop and think about ‘why’ this was the case. The extremely interesting thing though? The calibre of choice was breathtaking. These men who […]

Booty Call from The Booty Caller

The back story Some of you may recall earlier this year I reconnected with an old flame of mine… If you missed that trilogy you can start catching up here… The girls were giving me some grief – to be nicknamed The Booty Caller, they insisted there must be some booty involved… And there was… […]

The time I went to a sex show; solo

As soon as it was decided that we would be visiting Amsterdam, I had made up my mind that I would see a sex show. Not a ping pong show, not some strip show with various dance acts – the real deal. I wanted to see some P in V action. I had to experience […]