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Here you can read all about life through the sparkling eyes of the Bug. A life filled with horrific dates, wild family, kooky friends, incredible travel adventures and mundane daily encounters. I love exploring new destinations, popcorn, Amaretto sours, Carnations, intelligent, handsome and witty men; and writing.

Let me take you for a raw, candid ride on the merry-go-round which is my life. Indulge your voyeurism, my little Love Bugs; I promise you will leave with a smile on your face…

Riding Solo

Last night someone cancelled on me about an hour and a half before we had arranged to go to the movies. We had the tickets and all. Without skipping a beat, I grabbed my jacket and headed to the car. I was riding solo. The drive there On the drive there I felt sad. I […]

5 ways I’ve learnt to open my heart

So, it seems it’s been raining men for me recently…my favourite kind of weather…but when I considered that I’ve not been on the dating apps for several months now, I had to stop and think about ‘why’ this was the case. The extremely interesting thing though? The calibre of choice was breathtaking. These men who […]

3 reasons you’re a douchebag for asking why I’m single

The other day I had a gentleman who follows my Glitter Bug facebook page send me a private message. This is not uncommon. I usually get inboxed a lot, asking for my opinion, or advice on various situations. This man, however, asked me why I was single. Granted, he asked ‘what the fuck is wrong […]


In 2018 we seem to be coming up with new dating terms faster than apple is releasing updates. Is this because we’re getting our creative on? Or is it because there’s so many fuck wits around doing horrendous things on the reg that we need to name them all so we can keep up with […]