3. More. Sleeps

Oh my goodness… where to start!?

It has been somewhat of a hectic end to the school term to say the least. Restless nights, reports, stressing over Joffe-Jaffa and his final ruling and debating over how many pairs of undies to bring have led to whirlwind-like blur of weeks that have flown by more quickly than I could have ever imagined possible!

Unfortunately, writing is a hobby which is hard to justify time for… However, it is amazing what one will do in an effort to procrastinate from packing… So, to the tune of the Benny Hill theme song… imagine the following sequence of events, and I’m certain you will be up completely and utterly up to date.

Firstly (and most importantly)… I GOT MY VISA! It was a week after I received a heart stopping phone call telling me they had stopped processing my visa and were giving me ten days to come up with evidence of receiving and paying a speed fine from earlier this year or else they would be declining my application. Of course, tears followed (yes, I get it, I cry a lot) and a quick call to Civic Compliance before heading to the local Police Station where I cried some more until the lady agreed to help me write a stat dec… All with my sister by my side of course. Needless to say, here I am below, forcing my sister to open my Passport for me to check that ridiculously menacing sticker was present because my hands were literally shaking. And yes, I cried.

Look how happy they are to be rid of me! Look how happy I am to not have to deal with Vic Roads or Civic compliance for at least another year! Champagne for all!!

After that, I thought I would crack open my money box! I had been saving my pounds for a few years and was so pleased to have some bonus bucks to splurge on my travels! Don’t know if the others were so stoked about having to help me count it though, but they complied none the less. Bless.

This photo was taken before I realised the exchange rate. The after photo is not so happy.

Fast forward a couple of days and an email has gone around at work about a ‘Techi Breakie’ where we need to turn up a whole hour earlier to talk about iPads. For those who don’t know me, technology is not my thing. I was less than impressed with this idea the week before I finish up at school and at a time when reports and folios were due on top of all the other hectic end of year wrap ups. So when the kids came around asking for an RSVP and a coffee order, I politely told them I was busy and would let their teacher know before proceeding to moan to my coworkers about the audacity of management for holding such an outrageous rendezvous at such a hectic time of year. My colleagues suggested it would look bad if I was the only one to not show… And so of course, Wednesday morning at 8am I wandered into the staff room, iPad in hand, only to be met by this glorious sight…

…I was planning on wagging my own surprise farewell party… It was incredible! Amazingly decorated in traditional colours and an amazing full English breakfast. I received my first REAL pounds and had so many kind words spoken and written about me from my beautiful colleagues. There were tears. And tea. And it was marvellous. And then we ate cake! A perfect morning.

That weekend, after the school Carols night and reports and portfolios, I went to the beach with the family and some girlfriends to relax and unwind and soak up the precious moments. That was where we snapped this great photo! I’m so into it! Imagine when I’m there in the flesh! I then proceeded to eat all the English candy I could lay my hands on and finished off with some fish and chips all in the name of climatising myself… #britintraining. It was a really nice weekend away chatting all things girly till the late hours of the night.

Last night (with 4 sleeps to go) mum and Kritz organised a sensational family dinner with my cousins and nonni. Dinner was so precious, and after that, we returned home for supper where mum had set up the table like this….

More tears. Of Course. I received farewell gifts, lots of cuddles and love, and a birthday cake as well – get all the emotional days out of the way early while I’m still buzzing, I say; Christmas, New Years and my birthday will all be spent in awe of my new surroundings rather than crouched in the shower rocking back and forth mumbling something incoherent about missing home…
Anyway, mum is truly an angel and put on an amazing spread… She is the most generous, organised, thoughtful and strong woman I have ever met.

This past week has been a whirlwind of emotions. My kids are probably wondering why I sit and cry for 5 minutes when they give me a Christmas card… but I’m truly an emotional train wreck; the issue is not helped by the lack of sleep as I sit in bed either grinding my teeth or asking a thousand questions about what size bobby pins will be most practical or how many bags of Cobs I can cram into my backpack. Emotions have been heightened by the fact that my sister Kritz has moved back to mum’s for the week; I can only assume this is some kind of ploy to make the most of my company before my departure? I have adored having the whole family together under one roof and am so blessed to have a family that goes to such extreme lengths to appreciate each other. I am soaking up each and every moment; just like I said I would.

So… I think you are well up to date! I will be flying out at 11pm this Sunday… I think I’m right ready 🙂 As dad said, I seem to be milking this as much as my 21st birthday – he told me to “hurry up and leave already”… hmmm. We’ll see about that!

Well, I should probably finishing sorting out my socks and jocks… The next post just may well be from Old London Town… Finally.

Big Love,

The Bug


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