The Glitter Bug

What do I believe in?

I believe in the power of books, the influence of the written word to move people and open their minds and take them to magical faraway places, even while they are sitting curled up next to the fire in their own living room.

I believe in simplicity. The ability of fresh flowers to brighten a room, the smell of
rain to revitalise the soul or the power of a smile from a stranger.

I believe in equality and the fact that every human on this planet has something of worth to share and contribute, and that every soul is priceless and unique and worthy of love.

I believe in wellness. Wellbeing of the mind and body; doing things we love to make our souls smile, keeping active to stay strong and feel good about ourselves. I believe in being kind to yourself, as well as to others.

I believe in popcorn… in chocolate and fairy cakes. I believe in Lindt balls and vanilla thickshakes and anything almond flavoured. In a meal shared with friends new and old, and the stories and moments narrated over and over again. I believe in the power of laughter. I believe in the kitchen being the heart of a home, and passing moments and conversations had between comings and goings. I believe in the power of a home cooked meal, the heart-warming feeling of coming home to the smells of your favourite food gently kissing your senses as you walk through the door; a meal cooked with love.

I believe in the strength of family – the feeling that you can take on the world because you have the support of a pack of blood brothers who have your back and believe in you and love you unconditionally with all their mind, body and souls. I
believe that family is not only determined by blood – but by those who prove
themselves worthy of your love, and have seen you when you are genuinely
overcome with joy and amazement, who have seen you consumed with grief and fear, but mostly who have helped sew you back together when you have been broken.

I believe in traveling – as far and as frequently as you possibly can. Meeting new people, springing free of your safety net, taking risks and listening to your soul… discovering all the things within it that make you, you.

I believe in fairies and angels and pixies and the Easter Bunny and all things magical and beautiful that spread hope and mystery and curiosity. I believe in the
innocence of children, and their ability to change lives. I believe that the
smell of a newborn baby can actually heal a broken heart.

I believe in love – above everything else, I believe in love. The ability of love to heal
and to nurture and to fulfil and to nourish the heart, mind and soul. The belief
that without love – we have no one… nothing to witness our mundane.

Who am I?

I am The Glitter Bug. You’ll find me gravitating towards things that sparkle and shimmer or adventuring through wild and wonderful lands on all corners of the
globe. I’m a realist, but I’m a dreamer. I’m content, but I always want more.
I try so hard to be here in the present, but I’m excited for tomorrow.

Why do I write?

Because it helps me clear my head. I write to cleanse my head of all the things that grey my mind at night, to unburden my soul of all the things that steal my dreams and flash their images repetitiously throughout my brain; mostly at night. There’s something I find therapeutic about baring my soul and helping others relate to a similar situation. I write because I read so many things that made my childhood magical and blissful and enchanted and I want to do the same for others – give them, on some level, some sense of escape. I write because I think I’m funny; sometimes. And I write about my life so nobody ever has to feel like they are the only alien on this planet feeling the way they are feeling. I hope you’ll find my pieces raw, genuine, candid, honest and authentic. Witness my mundane, join my village… I promise you will feel your soul smile.