Allow me to Introduce Myself…

So this is it, huh?

The big wide world of blogging… Although I have no idea how it works, who will see this or how it will be perceived, I have purchased my copy of “Blogging for Idiots” and am pretty excited to give this a good, solid crack… So here goes post one (hopefully of many).

When doing my sporadic research on how and where to start a blog, the main thing that kept coming up was to ensure your blog has a theme or a purpose. So… as the title of my blog may have suggested… I am taking the big step of moving to London in December this year (in 98 days to be exact – but hey who’s counting); what better theme for my blog?! I’m well aware that no one may ever read this… after all, who has the time to read someone else’s brain drool of mundane, daily happenings. But, I’m choosing to look at this as somewhat of a journal; a daily recording of what otherwise may be unwitnessed, undocumented occurrences that happen to me while preparing for, and embarking on, what I hope will be the adventure of a lifetime. To be honest, I’m not even sure how to get people to know this blog exists; let alone read it! So, seeing as I will be leaving many loved ones back in Australia, this can be my log, and those who choose to read it and follow my journey can be awed and impressed and jealous of my many fun and elaborate escapades… or so I hope.

So. Why London? I have no idea. I cannot explain why I have such a curiosity for the United Kingdom. I remember once my high school offered a drama tour to England which I was not allowed to go on; “If I send one I have to send all 4 of you, how can I afford that?” Since then, I have been on a mission to get there and explore it for myself. I have a great love of history, a fascination with the World Wars, a passion for theatre, an obsession with the English accent and a weird and unusual appreciation of winter and the rain; what better place for me than London!

I have always had a plan. Even in my school days and at uni, I would find myself planning what I would do for my assignments before the teacher had even finished talking about the expectations. So it’s no surprise that I have planned my life meticulously since then. And, surprise surprise, it would seem that life sometimes doesn’t go quite according to plan. Having studied and completed two uni courses, worked countless jobs to save, save, save to build my own home, I seem to have arrived at the end of my 25th year to look back and see no existence of the simple rights of passage that so many others have experienced; making stupid mistakes, traveling the world, establishing random and at times inappropriate friendships, blowing $1000 on this season’s latest trends…

But… Better late than never! With the support of my amazingly close family and small group of friends, I bought a one way ticket to Heathrow earlier this year, and the countdown has been on ever since. My to do list is getting bigger, the hours until my departure are getting shorter, I am dreaming more vividly and the nerves are starting to appear… I have such mixed emotions; excitement, fear, anticipation, excitement, apprehension, excitement, excitement… and excitement at what the future holds for me. So, I’m pretty excited! Old habits die hard, however. I’m already thinking of a back up plan (a part time job at a pub if I can’t find enough teaching work?) and struggling with my inner self to not over plan (surely I can find somewhere to live on the internet before I arrive, right?)… But, I am determined to step out of my comfort zone; both physically and mentally. And so, I invite you to follow (or not?) me on this coming of age journey to self discovery as I focus solely on ME; on doing things that make my soul smile, meeting people that touch me in ways I’ll never forget (no, not like that!), visit places that take my breath away and blow the mighty pound on ridiculously overpriced treats like new clothes, winter boots and Double Deckers (yum English candy!) – or so I hope… but… you’ll have to stay tuned.

Big Love,

The Bug


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