Anxieties of a Sweet Tooth

The other night I could not get to sleep. Yes, there were the countless usual suspects; excitement and fantasizing mainly… but the most worrying thing that I kept questioning was will there be Cobbs Sea Salt Popcorn?! The thought of indefinitely going without my favorite light airy snack mortifies me!

The prospect of not being able to find such a staple food from my diet then got me thinking about other things I take for granted that I may not be able to find on my travels. Things like Bushells Tea (yes, I’m a tea snob – Bushells or bust), Pho (the tight asses’ saving grace quick dinner fix), Nestle Mango Ice Tea, Magicontrast hair dye in Copper (every 3 weeks), Tim Tams (frozen, caramel)… Before you say it, yes, I am aware that the majority of the things keeping me up at night are consumables… What can I say, I’m a girl who loves my food; obviously. I can only be consoled by the recent gem I found in the British section of my supermarket called a Wispa… A bar of light chocolatey goodness just the right size to satisfy the sweet tooth without the 3 days of guilt that usually follows such binges. So, you can imagine my delight when I paid a visit to All Things English, a novelty English store on Main Street, Mornington, and discovered Wispa Gold… same sugary goodness… bonus caramel layer… wow. GET ON THAT!… at least I know I won’t die of starvation while abroad (yes – it COULD happen!).

Anyway, I’m starting to feel more and more like those kids would have felt towards the end of year 12 who were certain they were going to take a gap year following their hard work; some sort of light at the end of a hectically busy tunnel… but for me, instead of going at an age where I’d likely spend all my time passed out from copious amounts of alcohol, and return to the reality of a likely 4 year uni course, I feel I’ll have somewhat of a greater appreciation of the sites, cities and experiences, more money to spend and a career and a house to come home to… and the confidence of knowing that popcorn will be quite light and cheap to send express post from home if the shit really hits the fan… I think I’m ready!

Big Love,

The Bug


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