5 ways I’ve learnt to open my heart

So, it seems it’s been raining men for me recently…my favourite kind of weather…but when I considered that I’ve not been on the dating apps for several months now, I had to stop and think about ‘why’ this was the case. The extremely interesting thing though? The calibre of choice was breathtaking. These men who […]

3 reasons you’re a douchebag for asking why I’m single

The other day I had a gentleman who follows my Glitter Bug facebook page send me a private message. This is not uncommon. I usually get inboxed a lot, asking for my opinion, or advice on various situations. This man, however, asked me why I was single. Granted, he asked ‘what the fuck is wrong […]


In 2018 we seem to be coming up with new dating terms faster than apple is releasing updates. Is this because we’re getting our creative on? Or is it because there’s so many fuck wits around doing horrendous things on the reg that we need to name them all so we can keep up with […]

Why every woman needs to book a professional photoshoot

Being a woman is a hard job. We have to worry about self-grooming, body image issues (although, the male statistics for this same epidemic are frighteningly and rapidly increasing), breaking through corporate glass ceilings, popping out a few kids and keeping house. But as we evolve and change, and life happens, how often do we […]

Spoilt for choice

Too much of a good thing is never good. Or so they say. In a world full of dating apps, social media, incredible technology, global economy and travel – is too many choices in the dating world really a good thing? Too many flavours I recently read ‘Modern Romance’ by Aziz Ansari. Apart from the […]

Rejection in 2018

As a 29 year old woman who’s spent the majority of the past 12 years dating, I know a thing or two about rejection. We’ve all been on the receiving end of one of those texts before. Wether it’s as harsh as getting dumped publicly (read that one here), as gentle as the ‘sorry – it’s just […]

Romance doesn’t have to be dead

I’ve never been what I would describe as ‘a romantic’. I don’t get swept off my feet by grand gestures, you won’t impress me by brining me to a fancy restaurant, or professing your love for me by shouting it from the rooftop – maybe that’s because I’ve never been shown these kind of traditionally […]

Why having a sister is the best thing in the world, ever

The day my little sister Kritz came into this world, I knew we were destined to be besties. We didn’t have the usual ‘sisterly bitchy phase’ growing up; I don’t ever remember pulling her hair or stealing her clothes without asking (this may or may not have something to do with that the fact that I […]

My new personal policy on being ‘set up’

I recently got set up with a guy. Again. It’s a frustratingly hard position to be in. You know these match-makers mean well… but at times, you want to grab their face in your hands and scream in their face, ‘do you even know me at all!?’ Because if they did, there’s no way they could […]

Why I need to become Dita Von Teese

Last night we went to see the incredible Burlesque Queen – Dita Von Teese. It was absolutely incredible. She is everything you believe she’d be – petite and sassy, and she oozes sexuality from every single pore… While I was sitting in the audience watching her, I realised that I need to be more like […]

The power of scent

Scent is a powerful sense that often gets forgotten about. Have you ever caught a scent that transports you back in time? A smell that as soon as you catch a waft, causes emotions to wash over you as fresh as the first day you felt them? A wave of nostalgia For me, when I […]

Secrets of the Sky Strippers

On Valentine’s day (or in the case of a bunch of single women trying to prevent each other from jumping off the Westgate bridge; Galentine’s day) we decided to round up the single gals and take ourselves out for a night on the town… and a strip show. We stumbled upon the Sky Strippers Valentine’s Day […]

Dean and Davina; sent straight from Hell to MAFS

I have a major problem with what’s been unfolding between Dean and Davina on this year’s Married at First Sight (or MAFS, as I learnt last night…). If the title didn’t give my stance away, I can tell you I’m pretty salty about the way these two have behaved. People go on this show, presumably, […]

This is why that phrase can f**k right off…

Recently I shared a post about our Glitter Bug Boy. There’s been whispers… I’ve been asked (somewhat smugly) if he presents so well, and is as handsome as we suggest, then why is he single? And do you know what? Im getting a bit sick of this. How often do we hear people say “well […]

How soon is too soon to hit the town after a breakup

Last night I watched the new show ‘One night with my ex’. Don’t we all love a little voyeuristic sneak peek into the mayhem of other’s relationships? This show finds couples who have recently split up, usually for reasons of cheating, lies, jealousy or other unfavourable behaviour, and reunites them for one night, after which […]

What it’s really like to be a property valuer

I was very interested when one of my recent briefs for Deakin Uni was to interview an alumni on his work as a property valuer. Growing up in a family who is interested and active in the property market, I was curious as to what a property valuer actually did. I feel like I would […]

Here’s how it is

Sitting down to write is one of my favourite things to do – especially when you’re in ‘the zone’. You sit down, at a local cafe, feeling all Bradshaw-esque, tapping away at the keyboard like you’re on some frantic mission to decode a time bomb threatening to wipe out humankind, patting yourself on the back […]

The Sorrento

Last night was one of the worst nights out I have had in years. Every year, a group of us head down the coast for the Portsea Polo. Actually, let me clarify; we get all dressed up and head to the Portsea Pub or the Sorrento Hotel in the early afternoon, skipping the massive line […]

Why do Jarrod’s always finish second – The Bachelorette finalists in review

If you speak to any established single female and ask her what she’s looking for in a partner, after a list of physical priorities, you’ll generally find some variation of the same checkboxes; someone who treats her with respect, someone who adores her, and someone who is ready to settle down… So why is it […]

The things I don’t give a f**k about

Last year I read Sarah Knight’s book ‘The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck’. On the verge of a self-inflicted melt down spurred on by the inability to say no, I thought I could use all the help I could get (don’t worry, friends – I’m in a much more ZEN place right […]

Why I don’t ‘celebrate’ my birthday

My birthday falls on New Year’s Day. I always imagine Mum and Dad at some elaborate fancy dress party on New Year’s Eve, having to rush off into the black of the night to get to a hospital just in time for me to pop my smiling, blinking head into the world. I’m sure the reality […]

My 15 Reasons Why Summer Sucks

There’s no denying it. After a cold, rainy, grey winter, the first few days of sunny Summer are blissful. There’s truly nothing like sunshine to make your soul smile, and make you feel like everything is going to be ok. Fast forward a few weeks, it’s been 4 straight days above 35, your quarterly electricity […]

The Rainbow Fish Part II

The Dating Series is a raw and candid collection of micro stories that aim to give the reader a snapshot of the situations my friends and I find ourselves in on a regular basis. The Dating Series is not a pity party…nor is it a personal or public vendetta on either sex… The Dating Series […]

The Rainbow Fish

The Dating Series is a raw and candid collection of micro stories that aim to give the reader a snapshot of the situations my friends and I find ourselves in on a regular basis. The Dating Series is not a pity party…nor is it a personal or public vendetta on either sex… The Dating Series […]


The Dating Series is a raw and candid collection of micro stories that aim to give the reader a snapshot of the situations my friends and I find ourselves in on a regular basis. The Dating Series is not a pity party…nor is it a personal or public vendetta on either sex… The Dating Series […]

Itchy Feet

So here we are… another airport lounge post. I arrived a somewhat exaggerated 3 hours before I was required… basically because I was so nervous that something would go wrong. I was convinced I would forget my passport, take the wrong train, miss the station or go to the wrong airport… All the usual, rational […]

Recent Escapades in Old London Town

I cannot believe how fast time is flying! It’s already mid February! I am cramming so much into each day and every week that I barely know where to start in my recount of it all to you! Firstly, last Sunday, the lovely Talisa and I visited the West End for an Eastern inspired feast […]

The Latest

Dear Love Bugs, It has been 2 weeks since my last post… I apologise for the wait… I have been living in the moment instead of writing about it… not a bad excuse!? When I last left you, I was looking forward to a weekend away in Bath… I can now say, Bath is one […]

Hi Hi, Hi Ho, It’s off to Work I go…

I survived.I don’t know how I did it. But I survived… and when I say I don’t know how I did it… I really do not know how I did it… I set my alarm last night resigning myself to the fact that being the first day back of term, I was never going to […]

I’m a Hackney Girl Now

I am pleased to be able to write you this post from my new room in Hackney, London! I had to correct that line; I had initially written, my ‘new home in Hackney’ – but I really struggle calling anywhere home except when back in Melbourne. On Saturday just passed, I moved into my room […]


Hiya!! Well, today being the 27th of December marks my 6th day abroad… It feels like weeks. I have crammed so much into my days here so far, a friend who I caught up with said she thinks I’ve seen more of London in 6 days than she’s seen in 4 months. I have taken […]

The Departure Lounge

Due to shoddy wifi this post has been delayed! It was MEANT to have uploaded from the airport two days ago… rewind and enjoy 🙂 xx It would appear my next post is not from London, but instead, is from gate 14A at Melbourne International Airport. It’s so strange; saying goodbye to my family at […]

3. More. Sleeps

Oh my goodness… where to start!? It has been somewhat of a hectic end to the school term to say the least. Restless nights, reports, stressing over Joffe-Jaffa and his final ruling and debating over how many pairs of undies to bring have led to whirlwind-like blur of weeks that have flown by more quickly […]

Camp Sentimentality

This weekend, I went camping. My extended family goes every year (sans the mums, of course) and dad has been asking me to go for as long as I can remember. A few weeks ago, when my countdown to move overseas got real, I decided that I would embrace every possible moment I could with […]

Anxieties of a Sweet Tooth

The other night I could not get to sleep. Yes, there were the countless usual suspects; excitement and fantasizing mainly… but the most worrying thing that I kept questioning was will there be Cobbs Sea Salt Popcorn?! The thought of indefinitely going without my favorite light airy snack mortifies me! The prospect of not being […]

Allow me to Introduce Myself…

So this is it, huh? The big wide world of blogging… Although I have no idea how it works, who will see this or how it will be perceived, I have purchased my copy of “Blogging for Idiots” and am pretty excited to give this a good, solid crack… So here goes post one (hopefully […]