The catalyst

She sunk to the cold floor of her half empty wardrobe, involuntarily shaking; feeling herself spiral. ‘I’m sorry, Chris, I just miss you.’ ‘I know. And I know you had a bad day today. I know. But I try to be there for you and you think it means we will get back together. I […]


‘Go on, he’s so your type!’ her sister hissed, giving her a subtle bump with her fleshy hip. She had been hesitant to go out. Her Oktoberfest dress was far too short and her thigh high stockings (worn only to the knee to avoid her ample thigh bulging over to top) kept shimmying down her […]


The sharp looking, well dressed woman banged her fist on the table in an out of place gesture that caught my attention. ‘But she’s my baby, she shouldn’t be forced to do this!’ She leaned in close to her friend, visibly trying to remain calm. I tried to focus on my reading, but something about […]

Untitled III

‘Why do you always end up in these situations? These no good losers taking and taking and leaving you for dead?’ Always the truth with Ruby. Nothing but the brutal truth. ‘Because I am attracted to losers?’ ‘No. It’s because you want it so badly that you’re blinded by the reality. You want the husband […]

The Old Smoker II

He stood outside the cafe observing her sit at the table and puff severely at her cigarette like some battery-operated novelty toy stuck on the one speed setting. The lines on her face, countless, and indicative of her life’s many heartbreaks, challenges and battles, would no doubt soon be joined by a new battle scar, […]

The Old Smoker

Her face showed the many lines of many stories. Many songs, many precious times. Draped in jewels, it was evident this worn beauty was used to taking pride in her appearance, spending what few dollars she had on pieces that caught her eye on her many travels. Her nail polish suggested busy hands; worn like […]

Split Parents Fear for Kids’ Safety

It’s all happy times when it’s going her way. It’s all smiles and laughter when I’m buying her the latest designer accessory or taking her to the newest restaurant opening with the full VIP experience. But the minute she gets a drink into her, she becomes this distorted, unrecognisable villain that spares no-one or nothing […]

Untitled 1

She stood at her kitchen bench overlooking her neighbours front lawn. Absentmindedly she dunked her teabag countless times as she caught sight of Mary’s children practicing basketball in their driveway. I wonder if my kids will like basketball? Lately she had been doing more of that – letting herself daydream about what these illusive children of hers […]

Dear Kritz

Dear Kritz, 23 hours of travel time, £1,500, 2 hostels and 5 days later, I think I have finally found ‘home’. Remember some of the quaint, quirky homes in those small, off the map towns in Italy? It’s as cosy as that; but plonked in central London. The apartment has soaked up the smells of […]

What The Bug Knows

I know that love, humanity and compassion should conquer all. I know that as long as one human being is not hurting another, deceiving another, as long as one does not disrespect another, then he should be left in peace to do whatever brings him joy. I know that sexual preference is not the be […]

Falling to Pieces

She came home and flopped onto her bed, burying her face in the fluffy doona. 25 reports to write may as well be 2,500. Kim had started the year in her true organised fashion; new stationary, colour coordinated filing systems. But as the meetings and PD’s filled her calendar, and her personal life fell to […]

My Perfect Job Is…

My perfect job is now. My perfect job is here. I am exactly where I need to be. Where I should be. In a classroom, Monday to Friday, with a cohort of 10 year olds I call ‘my kids’. I am an educator, a nurse, a peace maker and an adjudicator. I often see these […]

I like to…

I like to spend time with my family. The comedians, the advisors, the financial planners, the chefs and the psychologists. They are my support crew, my pick-me-up and my foundation. She felt like home whenever they were near. She felt complete. How could she survive without them? Would they survive without her? She had tested […]


Coffee. The smell of it. The way the tiny grains stick to my skin, wash after wash after minute after minute of slaving away. The smell. The steam. The perfect foam, the perfect drip, the perfect tamper. ‘Like a drug’ – some would say. The smell of it. A hustling cafe; many hustling cafes. It […]


The smell of the city slapped me in the face as I cautiously navigated my way through the unfamiliar passageways. The recognisable feeling of the unknown; a feeling not unpleasant. The muffled sounds of mid week drinks, happy laughter, good times. A smile crept across my face as I allowed my mind to wander to […]

A Self Portrait

i. I am overly sensitive and emotional, taking things to heart and crying frequently. ii. I am prone to occasionally overdoing the make up – mostly blush. iii. My nose often looks too big and crooked for my face, especially side on; and in photos. iv. I am never the life of the party but […]


This would have to be the most free she had felt in a long time; since she was a child; since the biggest decision required of her was chocolate or vanilla ice cream. She walked down the busy main road and tried to soak it all in. The chill biting her cheeks gave her a […]


She lay limp in the centre of her bed. A dark, heavy inkblot on a white fluffy cloud. She was so focused on her breathing – slow, steady, deep, her whole body rising and falling in rhythmic fluidness like the slow dance of a carrousel horse. She could not prevent the tears; this much she […]