5 Secrets of a Swingers Party

A few weeks ago I found myself in a completely unique setting. A Swingers Party. I was invited by a girlfriend of mine and her boyfriend… and even though I had always been curious of the shenanigans that occurred behind these kind of closed doors, I had told everyone (including myself) that I was just […]

Booty Call from The Booty Caller

The back story Some of you may recall earlier this year I reconnected with an old flame of mine… If you missed that trilogy you can start catching up here… The girls were giving me some grief – to be nicknamed The Booty Caller, they insisted there must be some booty involved… And there was… […]

The time I went to a sex show; solo

As soon as it was decided that we would be visiting Amsterdam, I had made up my mind that I would see a sex show. Not a ping pong show, not some strip show with various dance acts – the real deal. I wanted to see some P in V action. I had to experience […]

An evening with Mr European

The other night I had sex. In Rome. With a European. I won’t comment on the sex itself. I know, I know, how *very* unlike The Glitter Bug! But I feel there was so much more of value I took from that encounter than the spine tingling orgasm had in the gorgeous apartment decked out […]

The Glitter Bug’s Tantric Journey

Sitting in the car out the front of Fabio’s* house, I felt nervous, excited and shit scared. (Name changed to protect identity of non-Fabio). I had high expectations. I had visions of multiple orgasms, each one more Earth shattering than the last, shivering vibrations and explosions of colour… As bizarre as it seems… what follows […]


Disclaimer: Before I begin this post, I would like to state that I emphatically and wholeheartedly agree with the concept of Monogamy. In theory. What is monogamish? Monogamish as a term is exactly what it sounds like – being mostly monogamist. We haven’t heard it much til now… but be prepared…this open relationship model is […]

Is there such thing as bad sex?

In short – yes. Yes, there is such thing as bad sex. You know the type – it’s brief, lacklustre, passionless and leaves you unfulfilled… you can wee perfectly fine the next day and you don’t have a bit of a throb to remind you of the fireworks that were cracking the night before… yeh; […]

The time I (almost) shagged Russell Brand (part II)

Continued from The time I (almost) shagged Russell Brand – Part I What a beautiful thing to say… At one point, I glance over, and he is making out with a tall, thin brunette. She is typical. It is predictable. Plether pants, bejewelled mid-drift out and a halter-neck top. Part of me feels disappointed that he […]

The time I (almost) shagged Russell Brand (part I)

I almost shagged Russell Brand once. It was one of the best nights of my life. I said it then, 5 years ago, and I’ll say it again now; it’s still one of the best nights of my life. I’d like to apologise in advance for the quality of the photos in these posts; it […]

The Booty Caller: Third time’s the charm

Rendezvous three. Even though I was told I couldn’t call it a rendezvous because a rendezvous sounds sexy and there was nothing sexy that had occurred up until this point. I wasn’t allowed to call it a meet up with my Booty Caller, either, because Booty Call insinuated there was booty involved – and there […]

The Booty Caller: Meeting 2

So, last night I met up with my old Booty Call… for the second time. We were on and off Booty Call duty for around 10 years, and we had absolutely nailed the fuck buddy scenario. If you’re not up to speed, you can read about how I reached out to him here… and you can […]

The first rendezvous

So. It happened. After the initial build up (you can catch up on that here), I sent him a message during the day on Thursday simply stating, What are you doing tonight? Meet me for a drink. He instantly replied saying, Could do – when and where. The Hottie took an uber to my apartment and I […]

Return of the Booty Caller

Guys. I’m not sure what I’ve done or why I’ve done it. But it’s done. And now I have to see what comes of it. Let me start at the beginning. Friday night was a friend’s birthday. There were drinks involved. Lots of drinks. Of course. This particular friend whose birthday it was is one […]