Pictures Paint a Thousand Words… Iceland

Iceland… It was never on my bucket list; until recently. Some friends went and posted the most magnificent photos I’d ever seen… I know from experience of when I take photos of incredible places, that photos rarely do the beauty of a location any justice… I thought to myself; if these photos look so amazing, […]

Lessons Learned from the Cypriots

The list of things I love about travel is endless and clichéd; the new people, the amazing sunsets, the different and often strange cuisines, finding yourself a bargain, making new stories and memories… Everywhere I go in the world I often find myself learning new lessons – lessons as precious as a place’s culture and […]

The Best Bits of Ios

The first time I came to the arid Greek island of Ios last year, our transfer driver informed us that people only come to Ios for 3 reasons; to drink, to party, and to have sex. Although we were certainly ticking boxes with a ‘party, gyros, sleep, sunbake, repeat’ routine last year, this year I […]


Today I visited Auschwitz I, and Auschwitz II – Birkenau. No words or photos can do justice to the things I felt while touring around these two enormous concentration and extermination camps. I would like to use my photos as a bit of a talking point for this post, as I need them to anchor […]

My Verdict is in… Berlin

I’m going to start this post by stating a fact that I presume is fairly widely acknowledged; the extent to which one loves a city is largely, I believe, based on the experience they have there… who they travel with, what they do there, where they go, what they eat, smell, hear and feel, if […]


I wasn’t planning on writing about Berlin until I had completed my short trip here. However, after my visit to Sachsenhausen today, I was overcome with emotion and wanted to share my thoughts before the memories, inevitably, fade away. Long rotten away, the gravel pits represent where the wooden bunkers once stood, housing 300 prisoners […]

Road Trippin’ to Brighton

Sorry to keep you waiting… It has been an interesting 10 days or so since my last post. I have gone from being so emotionally fragile (what’s new! I hear you scoff) that I doubted I could last the month, let alone the year; to being so utterly at peace that I am constantly smiling […]