The sharp looking, well dressed woman banged her fist on the table in an out of place gesture that caught my attention.

‘But she’s my baby, she shouldn’t be forced to do this!’

She leaned in close to her friend, visibly trying to remain calm. I tried to focus on my reading, but something about the two mature women had lured me into their world.

The hustle and bustle of the busy cafe drowned out the words of comfort from her comrade, and the lady gulped her wine like it was consultation. More hissing and frustration. More drinking.

‘Then she sent that email,’ the concerned friend confirmed.

‘How ridiculous!’ Stress head concurred, another gulp of wine, ‘she’ll only be in Melbourne for 4 days anyway.’

What a sorry waste of time, I thought to myself, to only come to this beautiful city for 4 days.

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