First Base with The Glitter Bug

Join your fellow Queens for another afternoon of wine, cheese, and all things single girl life! 

The Glitter Bug will deliver an authentic (somewhat politically incorrect and comical) talk for women of all ages grounded in research and real life examples on: 

– The fear of never finding ‘the one’
– How to cope with rejection and break ups
– Staying neutral when asked ‘why are you single?’ instead of punching the asker in the face
– The scientific differences between the male and female brain 
– The dangers of a Destiny Mindset vrs a Growth Mindset when prowling for a potential partner and
– Putting your best food forward (and not taking any shit) when dating
– Self love and Self confidence rituals and rules 

Grab your wing woman for discounted tickets and come along to an afternoon packed with laughter, good times and practical (REAL) advice on how to stay confident and happy as a single in 2018… because it really is a jungle out there!