This would have to be the most free she had felt in a long time; since she was a child; since the biggest decision required of her was chocolate or vanilla ice cream.

She walked down the busy main road and tried to soak it all in. The chill biting her cheeks gave her a fresh feeling as she breathed the early evening air. The colours, deep cherry reds from the side walk fruiterer, aged greens on the rattling trams, fluorescent pink from the ever changing graffiti – everything seemed technicolored, so bright and vivid and real it was as if she had been living in black and white until now; a world of colour-blindness.

She took in all the city noises around her. Men and women of all ages from all walks of life spoke in exotic accents and unknown languages. Lovers whispered to each other on park benches as if time was only a human concept they had no need for. Trams urgently barged down main roads, their ringing bells both a warning and a celebration. She felt her soul smile. She was free.

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