The truth behind online dating

I was*so* excited when I got the brief from Deakin for this article.

Like, hello – how much further up my niche could you get?!

I kept the academic on the phone for a really ridiculously long time, and I learned soooo much more about this than my limited word count would allow me to share.

The summary of our conversation was that throughout time, people look for countless things in a partner, however, all of these traits can be narrowed down into 3 categories – warmth and trustworthiness, attractiveness and vitality, and status and resources. It was explained to me that even though our means of receiving this information seems to have progressed from face to face, to online, we are still assessing all available information to judge if we can see these qualities on our potential partner.

As an avid user of online dating apps, I was fiercely nodding my head, agreeing with all this psychologist was saying; yes, I overanalyse texts because I can’t see someone’s facial expression or body language, yes I am overwhelmed by the choice of apps, profiles and photos to choose form, yes, more choice is equalling more rejection, yes those few horror stories are stuck in my head EVERY time I am walking to meet up with an online match…

For the full details and much more information on online dating, read the full article here.

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