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She stood at her kitchen bench overlooking her neighbours front lawn. Absentmindedly she dunked her teabag countless times as she caught sight of Mary’s children practicing basketball in their driveway. I wonder if my kids will like basketball? Lately she had been doing more of that – letting herself daydream about what these illusive children of hers would be like. Would they like the winter like her? Would they prefer English over Maths? Would they want to snuggle up with a book rather than play x-box?

She snapped out of her daydream as the well and truly used teabag flicked boiling water on to her hand. As always, she waited for that dark voice inside her head and, as if on cue, new thoughts played through her mind. What if I don’t meet someone? Do I really need a partner to start a family? Am I strong enough to do it alone? Her grandma’s voice came barging through like an aggravated announcement at an international airport; ‘it’s 2014! You don’t need a man to have a baby! I’m not old fashioned – men, they are no good for nothing except making a baby, and now we don’t even need them for that!’

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