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‘Why do you always end up in these situations? These no good losers taking and taking and leaving you for dead?’ Always the truth with Ruby. Nothing but the brutal truth.

‘Because I am attracted to losers?’

‘No. It’s because you want it so badly that you’re blinded by the reality. You want the husband and the kids and the family home so badly that you just stick around and try to fix and to change people. People don’t change. And you can’t fix someone. One day you’ll meet someone amazing and you deserve that so much. So don’t settle.’

She was right. Of course. And Chris agreed completely with all that her sister said and all that she had said before over countless conversations on the topic that all pretty much went like this one. But no matter how many times the pair had this talk, regardless of how many tears were spilt over broken hearts and broken ideals, it always hurt her soul to hear these words. because with each catastrophe and each fresh flesh wound, her dreams seemed to slip further and further away from her.

‘I know Rubes, it’s just exhausting. I’ll be fine, I know. And I know I’ll meet him and I’ll have the kids and it will be amazing. I do know that in my heart of hearts. It’s just hard enduring all this drama in the meantime.’

It’s strange how life has a funny way of panning out. All she had wanted from as young as she could remember carrying around a Cabbage Patch doll was to have a family of her own. Over the years she had watched many girlfriends who were wild, spontaneous and free spirited in high school settle down into loving marriages and start their families; surprising everyone. Yet here she sat year after year, older and older, and seemingly further from her dream than ever.

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