Why every woman needs to book a professional photoshoot

Being a woman is a hard job.

We have to worry about self-grooming, body image issues (although, the male statistics for this same epidemic are frighteningly and rapidly increasing), breaking through corporate glass ceilings, popping out a few kids and keeping house.

But as we evolve and change, and life happens, how often do we reflect and think, ‘I was so *dumb* not to recognise how good I had it back then?’ Whether it’s the classic I thought I was tired before I had kids, or, I was so stressed out about money, if only I knew how much worse it could get… but for me… I often look back and think I can’t believe I thought I was fat! I would kill to have that body back!

And this brings me to my blog post topic today – WHY YOU NEED TO BOOK IN A PHOTO SHOOT like, yesterday!

The background

I only started getting professional shoots at the beginning of 2018. I needed some good quality photos to use for the website and for my socials and realised that I could get exactly what I wanted, and with me in them as the face of my brand, if I just paid to get them professionally done.

To say I was awkward at my first shoot would be an understatement. I was nervous, and shy, and didn’t know how to transmit my personality through the bubble of a glass lens to convey all that I wanted to convey.

I still don’t.

But it’s a shit-tonne of fun trying.

Why you should book in a shoot

When I know I have a shoot coming up, it’s motivating for me to eat well, exercise, and to feel good in my skin. I’m not even talking about being ‘skinny’. It’s more about feeling comfortable in your own body, and for me, I feel the best when I’m eating sensibly and exercising frequently – regardless of what the numbers on the scales say.

Use a photoshoot as a method of motivation. Book yourself in for a shoot in 6 months time and use this to inspire you to be your best you – whatever that means for you. Whether it’s cutting back on the alcohol or the sweets, increasing your training or holding off on meeting up with those toxic friends, use this booked shoot to motivate you to see you decisions through.

It’s also a bit of a fun opportunity to pamper yourself. Get your hair did and your nails done too, spend the morning of the shoot pampering yourself with a nice relaxing bathroom session and spend that time being kind to yourself – guilt free.

But the biggest reason you should book a professional photo shoot? If you do your research and find a great team, you will feel a million dollars – and have the photographic mementoes to remind you. Regardless of your shape or size, if you are feeling good inside, it will shine our of you like rainbows. I can promise you that.

As women, we are often shamed about certain kinds of photos we feel confident to share on social media. We are worried we will be labelled as slutty, or inappropriate or heaven forbid – ‘asking for it.’ Booking your own professional private shoot will allow you to explore your sexuality, and allow you to experiment with your body and the way it looks, and how that in turn makes you feel; in the privacy of your own home. The resulting photos can be for your eyes only, and should make you feel proud, feminine and empowered – as mine have made me feel (but of course I am an over-sharer and have shared them with the entire cyber universe).

You will have these photos to share with the grandkids (the g-rated ones, of course) and look back through teary eyes and remember with fondness (and now saggy boobs) how good you once had it, and how glad you are for being able to capture this moment in time.

These are the days

My most recent shoot was done after two weeks of cleanse. I had not touched alcohol for two weeks, or processed carbs or sugars and I had dropped a couple of kilos as a pleasant side effect. Knowing I was having a shoot coming up was a great little motivator for me and the photo shoot came at a time that I was feeling really good about my body, stretch marks, dimples and all. And how fucking special is *that* for a girl – to be able to admit she feels good!?

The photo shoot was a bit racy. I had a handsome male model friend step in as my makeshift partner and 97% of the shots were of me in my bra and panties. I look back on the images and of course, there were a few that I’d prefer never saw the light of day again… but over all, I was super proud of my body. This body that has been bullied, that has felt overweight for the majority of its existence, this body that is covered in scars and spider veins… I felt sexy in my own skin.

And I’m so glad I was able to capture that.

It helped that said male model made me feel extremely comfortable and safe. It helped that I had an amazing photographer and account manager suggesting various poses and directions. It helped I was in the comfort of my own home, with clothes and lingerie I had picked out that I knew would help me maintain my zang… but the body belonged to me. And I flaunted it with fucking pride.

So in closing here, all I’d like to do is urge each and every one of you sensational women to consider booking a photoshoot. It’s empowering, it’s fun, it’s a gorgeous way to capture a moment in time during our youth to be able to reflect on with pride, and say – fuck, I *was* hot back in the day!

Because you’re fabulous, girlfriend! And who doesn’t want a photo or two to prove it…

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