Why having a sister is the best thing in the world, ever

The day my little sister Kritz came into this world, I knew we were destined to be besties.

We didn’t have the usual ‘sisterly bitchy phase’ growing up; I don’t ever remember pulling her hair or stealing her clothes without asking (this may or may not have something to do with that the fact that I was a solid 15Kgs bigger than her for our whole adolescent lives). And even though we had our rare moments of PMS or Hanger, generally, life with my sis has always been great. It’s always been us two against the world.

There was that one time in the backstreet markets of Hong Kong where I accused her of being boring; she took it *super* personally and we didn’t talk for the rest of the market strip… until we met up at the end and someone mentioned food, where all was forgotten. But regardless of where we are, living in the same tiny apartment, travelling through Europe or out at our local bar, life with my sister FUCKING ROCKS. And this is why.

She’ll give it to me straight

Whether my breath smells like a butt hole or my one chin hair has grown rogue, I can always count on my sister to bring it to my attention. My friends don’t always tell me that they can see my thigh dimples through my skinny jeans or that I’d be better to gauge my eyes out with a fork than message that drop kick, again; but I can guarantee she will cut the shit, and just lay it on the line.

I always have a buffet buddy

It’s always awkward going back to the buffet for round 3 or 4, but my sister is always ready to stand by my side, even if it is just to stand there with a plate looking interested, while I stock up like the apocalypse is hitting tomorrow.

You can have a conversation without even opening your mouth

You know when that moll walks in to the party and you wanna vomit in your mouth a bit? One glance at my sis and I know she understands. That guy that is sitting across the bar with his mates? My sister knows which exact one I’m looking at, just with a motion of my eyes in their general vicinity. When Mum and Dad are being ridiculous, we don’t even have to roll our eyes to know we are both going to have a massive venting session on the way home. And that family member at every family function that just needs to shut the hell up? Yeh, my sister’s vibing that too… all without opening our mouths.

You vigilantly monitor each other’s food for any possible threats

I don’t like fishy tasting fish – which includes most things that swim. But my sister is my taste tester. She’ll give the green light if the pub fried calamari is tasteless, and she’ll judge if I can handle the fried flake from the Fish and Chip run. I make sure there are no lemons, limes or oranges in any of her food or drinks, and make sure the cantaloupe doesn’t infest the watermelon, and she makes sure there’s no honey in my smoothie. We just get it.

You can quote obscure movies and tv shows

From Sex in the City to The Road to El Dorado and even Suits or Grease 2 – If someone throws out a classic quote, no doubt the other one gets it – and finds it freaking hilarious…. Even if everyone else is standing there looking blank faced (actually, *especially* if everyone is standing there blank faced!).

You are each other’s biggest fans

Regardless of whether it’s a side-splitting joke that only she laughs at, my latest blog post or the newest cake I attempted, or even my weekend outfit… she is my number one fan, and never lets me forget that. She’s the first one to comment and like my stuff, the first one to encourage me and support me, and sometimes the only one to laugh at my jokes. I feel like I can do anything because she believes in me, and I would like to imagine she would think the same. Like I said – it’s me and her against the world.

Not only do I adore the above mentioned, but for my sister and I, being sisters wasn’t enough. One day we decided to cut our hands open, Practical Magic style, so we could have matching scars…

Apart from that being one of the most traumatic experiences of my life when we both ended up at the hospital, bleeding profusely, it really solidified the concept for me that I really would do anything for my sister – including overcoming my severe phobia of blood, just so that I could feel that little bit more connected to her.

I know I am blessed – and I realise that not everyone has this kind of connection to their kin, but surely, after reading my list, you can’t help but agree… having a sister really is the best thing in the world… ever.

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